The powerful 3D-software that facilitates gpu-accelerated rendering and image analysis. The fast and superb volume rendering provides new insights in your three dimensional image data. The innovative object-oriented image analysis easily allows for flexible and comprehensive measurements, e.g. cell interactions.

Direct Volume Rendering
Look inside objects
See true colors
Isolate objects
Cell Interactions
Cell Clustering
Cell Properties
Cell Tracking
Object-oriented image analysis
In-program scripting
Plugin interface
Terrabyte ready
Accurate 3D Navigation
Use the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless or another 3D mouse
from 3Dconnexion to navigate fast and precise
through your images.
Need your own functionality?

You need a special funcion, e.g. a complex interactive measurement tool, a specific rendering or an image analysis based computation? With our powerful plugin interface and in-program scripting we are able to create you your own functionality at low costs. Just contact us.

Let us analyze your data

1. Create a short PowerPoint presentation (or similar). Include some example images or screenshots and describe your problem. Send this presentation to support@digitallabware.de.

2. We will discuss a possible solution with you and create a quote.

3. If the obligation is attractive you provide us your images via hard-disk, USB stick or DropBox.

4. We analyze the data and send you 25% randomly selected result data sets back. You review the results and if you are satisfied you make the payment and receive the remaining 75% result data sets. If you are not satisfied you have no costs.

If you dont want your data to leave your lab it is also possible to send us only a small representative subset of your data. We analyze the subset and if your satisfied with the quality we will send you a software tool that enables you to run the analysis in your lab.